What is E-Waste? Electronic scrap recycling

What is E-Waste?

Definition: “Electronic waste” is discarded computers office electronic equipment, entertainment devices, electronics, mobile phones, television sets, refrigerator etc. These are defined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal.
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Usage of electronics n our home has been increased 3-4 folds. With more purchasing power we are having multiple TV sets, Mobile Phones, Computers, Music System for our usage.
E-waste is the largest source of lead in solid waste. It contains heavy metals, plastic and glass which are non-bio degradable and pollute our landfills.
Most of the e-waste gone untreated or recycled in very dangerous way for human and environment.
Every month 5 crores mobiles are replaced all over world and only 10% are recycled. But we recycled more we can have a lot or earth metals and plastic which goes waste and not being reused.
There are concerns of greenhouses gases emissions which harm our environment. This again can be reduces by recycling.
All ferrous metal or other metals can be recycled and reused up to 98% recovery.

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