Benefits of Recycling Scrap, Electronic scrap recycling

Benefits of Recycling

Benefit of Recycling of E-waste
We have limited metals on earth and natural resource cannot be infinite. Hence by recycling we are protecting our mother earth.
By recycling of E-waste we are:
Protecting the environment- Recycling sharply reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Recycling ensures that all of the raw materials used in electronic equipment get re-used and put back into the production cycle for new products. So instead digging more steel, aluminium or other earth material we can use the recycled products and save our environment.
Energy Saving- Recycling is more efficient manner to produce the raw material then producing the new materials. The energy required to extract, process and transporting the raw material from mines to refinery and then manufacturing units is needed far more energy than recycling.
Creating Job- Recycling of e-waste also is more job creating than dumping the e-waste in land fill. 1-2 persons are adequate for land fill 50 ton of e-waste. But for recycling around 25-30 persons are needed.
Refurbishing- The products are also got increasing the life of electronic waste as in our country and planet a large no of people are below the level of having electronic equipment. By donating and selling in lesser price will always helpful in moving our nation toward growth and equality.
Financial benefiting- As we got raw material by recycling the new product will be less expensive that by making it by new material. So the prices of electronics will be stable.
Good Cause- By donating the e-waste you are doing good cause for your environment and country. There will be less smoke as today in India only 85% e-waste is recycled by unskilled people who are risking their life and others as well.
e-waste recyclebin
Our step by step process of e-waste recycling to recycle bin:
Collect- E-waste is collected in safe way after destroying any data on computer hard disk or mobile phone for protection of misuse.
Transportation- E-waste is transported via specially made vehicle have Form-8 and Form-11 and Issuing Form-13.
Segregation- Segregation is the process of sorting our material for refurbishing or recycling.
Shredding- It separate all kind of different material forms the e-waste. And following process are further materialized.

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